SARAH LUERY (book, lyrics) came up with the idea for Monotony at her own desk job, when what became the show’s opening lyric popped into her head: “This monotony will be the death of me!” Since then, Sarah has been devoting her “5 to 9” to developing the musical. Her writing can be found in a number of journalistic and scientific publications including: People & Things magazine, Social Sciences, and The UCLA Beat.

Jared Chance Taylor (music) is a composer, producer and music director. He recently composed new music for the remastered Baywatch TV series as well as China Global Television Network. He has written branded content for Toyota, FOX News, Microsoft, Jaguar, and Kroger. His work has been showcased at a number of film festivals including DC Shorts Film Festival, Oaxaca Film Fest, Los Angeles New Wave International Film Festival, Manifest Showcase, and Reel Stories Film Festival.