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HERBERT HANDLER III is a timid accountant with smudged glasses who dreams of a life free from spreadsheets -- and free from his tyrannical boss, MR. MCGIVER. But he can’t just quit! Accounting was his deceased father’s chosen profession, and what was good enough for his dad should be good enough for him! And yet, the thought of devoting his life to accounting is fueling Herbert’s nightmares. If only he had the courage to live life on his own terms, free of his father’s expectations, like his boss’ cute son, Theo.


Herbert’s colleague, MARNEE MCDOUGAL, doesn’t know how she came to manage an office full of hapless accountants, but then again, much of her life hasn’t gone as planned. Granted, dropping out of art school to get married may have been her choice, but ending up a divorcee before the age of 30 certainly wasn’t. If she were to listen to her meddlesome mother, she’d have to put herself back out there. But somewhere along the way, she lost confidence in her ability to make good decisions. So for now, she is content to help others chase after their dreams, like her talented best friend Theo.


THEO MCGIVER just landed a publisher for his first solo comic book. If only his dad were proud of him -- but no amount of success will change the fact that Mr. McGiver wanted his son to grow up to be an accountant, not someone who draws “cartoons.” Still, Theo is living life on his own terms, and that is good enough for him. Now if only his best friend Marnee would stop trying to set him up with her colleague with the smudged glasses, who’s probably just a clone of his father -- Herbert, was it?

The original new full-length musical MONTONYmade its debut

as a seven-episode limited series podcast

on April 15, 2020. The SOUNDTRACKrecording by the 

original cast was released on September 03, 2021.

MONOTONY is available now on all podcast apps

and everywhere music is streamed or sold.

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